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"Reality Check" interview with Jody Lee in this guide for both emerging and mid-career artists on strategic planning, self-management and sustaining professional life....VIEW WEBSITE

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What is paramount for Lee is not the final piece but the viewing experience — the intimate connection and delicate understanding each viewer has with the image...VIEW WEBSITE

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Dallas Morning News
[Lee's] paper works require considerable concentration on the part of viewers. Despite the works' often playful and literal nature, they're bolstered by serious secondary themes, such as emotion, esteem and sexuality...READ MORE

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Jody Lee...is an emerging talent shown by Barry Whistler Gallery...Lee's work also has movement, although heavier and more deliberate than the Motherwell — with notable sexual overtones — and boasts plenty of presence. As of press time, the price of this work is estimated at $1,000...READ MORE

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Lee's work is sensual, in its capacity to evoke sensory experiences that remind you of the ways in which gender is constantly defined. Along with a number of other contemporary women artists who are continuing in the paths swathed by Janine Antoni, Susan Rothenberg, and Elizabeth Murray among others, Lee's work explores the figurative via abstraction. It also makes a bid to reclaim a female that isn't necessarily equivalent to feminist vocabulary of the abstract. And if Lee's works on paper are any indication, her efforts are not being made in vain...READ MORE